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The C numerics library includes common mathematical functions and types, as well as support for random number generation.

Common mathematical functions

The header math.h provides standard C library mathematical functions such as fabs, sqrt, and sin.

Floating-point environment

The header fenv.h defines flags and functions related to exceptional floating-point state, such as overflow and division by zero.

Pseudo-random number generation

The header stdlib.h also includes C-style random number generation via srand and rand.

Complex number arithmetic

The header complex.h provides types and functions about complex numbers.

Type-generic math

The header tgmath.h provides some macros for a function which names XXX:

  • real function:
  • float variant XXXf
  • double variant XXX
  • long double variant XXXl
  • complex function:
  • float variant cXXXf
  • double variant cXXX
  • long double variant cXXXl

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