Defined in header <experimental/random>
template <class IntType>
IntType randint(IntType a, IntType b);
(library fundamentals TS v2)

Generates a random integer in the closed interval [a, b].


a, b - integer values specifying the range

Return value

A random integer i in the closed interval [a, b], produced using a thread-local instance of std::uniform_int_distribution<IntType> invoked with the per-thread random number engine.


If IntType is not one of short, int, long, long long, unsigned short, unsigned int, unsigned long, or unsigned long long, the program is ill-formed.

The behavior is undefined if a > b.


#include <iostream>
#include <experimental/random>
int main()
    int random_number = std::experimental::randint(100, 999);
    std::cout << "random 3-digit number: " << random_number << '\n';

Possible output:

random 3-digit number: 273

See also

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