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C++ reference
C++98, C++03, C++11, C++14, C++17, C++20, C++23   │   Compiler support C++11, C++14, C++17, C++20, C++23



Named requirements

Feature test macros (C++20)

Language support library

Concepts library (C++20)

Metaprogramming library (C++11)

Type traits  −  ratio
integer_sequence (C++14)

Diagnostics library

Memory management library

unique_ptr (C++11)
shared_ptr (C++11)

General utilities library

Function objects  −  hash (C++11)
Utility functions
pair  −   tuple (C++11)
optional (C++17)  −  any (C++17)
variant (C++17)
String conversions (C++17)
Formatting (C++20)
Bit manipulation (C++20)

Strings library

basic_string_view (C++17)
Null-terminated strings:
  byte  −  multibyte  −  wide

Containers library

array (C++11)  −  vector  −  deque
list  −  forward_list (C++11)
map  −  multimap
set  −  multiset
unordered_map (C++11)
unordered_multimap (C++11)
unordered_set (C++11)
unordered_multiset (C++11)
stack  −  queue  −  priority_queue
span (C++20)

Iterators library

Ranges library (C++20)

Algorithms library

Numerics library

Date and time library

Localizations library

Input/output library

Filesystem library (C++17)

Regular expressions library (C++11)

Concurrency support library (C++11)

Technical specifications

  Standard library extensions  (library fundamentals TS)

  Standard library extensions v2  (library fundamentals TS v2)

  Standard library extensions v3  (library fundamentals TS v3)

  Concurrency library extensions  (concurrency TS)   —   Transactional Memory  (TM TS)
  Reflection  (reflection TS)

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C reference
C89, C95, C99, C11, C17, C23



Type support

Program utilities

Variadic functions

Error handling

Dynamic memory management

Strings library

Null-terminated strings:
   byte  −   multibyte  −   wide



Date and time utilities

Input/output support

Localization support

Concurrency support library (C11)

Technical specifications

   Dynamic memory extensions  (dynamic memory TR)
   Floating-point extensions, Part 1  (FP Ext 1 TS)
   Floating-point extensions, Part 4  (FP Ext 4 TS)

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